Orthodontic Care 

To help you make certain your patients with braces are using proper cleaning products and techniques, we’ve created an informative discussion on orthodontic care. Please distribute to your patients as necessary.


Using specialty products will maximize plaque removal between teeth and below the gumline. 

Your dental professional may recommend custom care tools (GUM® Proxabrush, G•U•M® Proxabrush® Snap>Ons, G•U•M® Trav-Ler®) if you need extra help to clean wider spaces between teeth or hard-to-reach spaces around bridges and orthodontic appliances.


A floss threader helps get floss between teeth when direct access to the gumline isn't possible; for example, when you have braces. Simply thread your 18" of floss through the threader loop, insert threader between teeth under the archwire and pull the floss through, then slide floss up and down the tooth surface and under the gumline. Orthodontic brushes are designed to clean teeth and orthodontic brackets. For best results, use short back-and-forth motions when cleaning. You might also want to try using the G•U•MMD  Orthodontic toothbrush. Dental educators recommend this brush and the "Bass" Method of brushing (with bristles at a 45° angle to the orthodontic appliances) to effectively clean teeth during orthodontic care. And don't forget to brush your gumline and biting surfaces.


The G•U•MMD  Proxabrush® Interdental System is perfect for cleaning between archwire and teeth and for larger spaces between teeth. Just find the size or sizes of Proxabrush® you need, gently insert into the space, and clean with a gentle in-and-out motion. Proxabrushes® come with fine nylon cylindrical or tapered bristles. And for oral hygiene on the go, use the G•U•MMD  Travel Orthodontic Toothbrush.