New Products 

Sunstar Americas, Inc. is a leading light in the world of breakthrough products for preventive dentistry. Here are some of our latest and greatest innovations.  To learn more about them, just click on the links.


GUM® Soft-Picks®

Unique latex-free rubber bristles gently massage and stimulate gums while dislodging food and removing plaque. Recommended for noncompliant flossers, restorations and orthodontia.

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GUM® Technique®+ Toothbrush

With Interdental Trim, Super Tip® bristles and Quad Grip® Handle, the GUM® Technique®+ toothbrush is designed to provide a complete brushing experience.

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GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light Toothbrush

Colorful LED lights flash for 60 second intervals to help kids brush longer which leads to more plaque removal and a healthy smile.

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Butler® Paste Disposable Free Prophy™ Angles

Polish without paste! No paste. No splatter. No grit.

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